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Mineral Pellets consistently increase the nutritional value of foods and feeds and especially your harvest yield amount on your farm, orchard, or greenhouse. Ajmoda Mineral Pellets also benefit golf courses with less grass maintenance downtime.

Applying our mineral pellets as part of our 4-step protocol will increase plant nutrition and harvest yield by up to 30 to 50 percent for your farms, orchards, gardens, vineyards, and even golf course grass health. (Apply to be on our shipments waiting list today).

Mineral Pellets include ash is a by-product of volcanic eruptions, and mineral-rich rock dust from the ancient seabed of Lake Bonneville and its remnant, the Great Salt Lake in Utah. These ingredients combine at the source to make a unique blend of minerals for soil amendment. Combining the two with humates into our mineral pellets makes for a powerful bio-stimulation of plant products with mineral soil amendments, resulting in healthy soil in alignment with the organic movement.

These important mineral pellets re-mineralize poor and depleted soils to support the important movement away from the destructive, costly, chemical-based fertilizers to transition agriculture to the more cost-effective and sustainable process of feeding the micro and macro biological life that supports healthy plant growth. Permaculture and regenerative agriculture with our mineral pellets significantly improve the quality and productivity of formally poor or depleted soils each growing season.

Organically grown foods can actually be produced in poor and depleted soils with the result of very low measured nutrient levels in the organic produce. Ajmoda soil amendment mineral pellets solve this issue, with essential minerals to increase the health and vitality of the plants and foods for humans and animals.

With the addition of mineral pellets as soil amendments for good permaculture and regenerative agriculture practices, farm mineral products contain up to 800% more measurable nutrient content to become more healthy, nutrient-dense foods for humans and animal feed. Re-mineralization of soil generates faster growth with larger and more pest-resistant produce, with a higher nutrient density to increase the profitability of agricultural production.

Mineral Pellets soil amendment increases root depth by enhancing the biological interaction surrounding the roots. This allows for better delivery of nutrients, greater moisture retention, and up to 30 percent consistently increased production yield.

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